Auto generated dress

Tired of being assumed your not a programmer at programming conferences or interviews? Then we have the solution* for you, get your open source code turned into cool looking glitch-art dress, with pockets!. You can see the dresses we've generated so far in our glitch code dress cowcow store (and the latest ones).

Code Glitch Art Dress Generator -- This is slow

Provide a link to your raw code to turn into a dress

The kind of clothing item you wish to generate

The inspiration of this project came from many different places, ranging from being asked to wear ugly company t-shirts, to seeing awesome other code-built clothes. Cyberdog has a HTML glitch dress of their website which looks amazing (I have one). The excellent folks at Svaha have a line of (non-glitch) code dresses covering many programming languages (along with a Spark Scala dress I'm biased towards). Shenova fashion have a line of women in STEM dresses which is also amazing.

While these are all amazing, I think there is something unique about being able to wear your own work, and my hope is that some dress wearing folks will take advantage of this (or this idea) to showcase their own work on their dresses. Go forth and have fun :)

You can keep up with the latest project's from Holden Karau by following her on twitter, most of which is working on Apache Spark or riding her scooter. If you want to improve the dress generator, or maybe make our website look less like the 90s, you can look at the clothes from code project on GitHub. Curious to see how this was built? Well thankfully most of this was streamed and is recorded on Holden's YouTube.

*Actual long term solution is out of scope and may involve fire.